9/20/2001; 1:39:58 AM

President Bush is going to address the country in a speech tonight at 6:00 PST (9:00 EST). Sneak preview: “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”
2:16:41 PM  

Steve Watkins: Why OS X Matters. “Our iMac installation of OS X is over four months old and has not crashed — not once… My installation on the accelerated Power Mac 8500 is about three months old and has only destabilized once. It did not ‘crash’ per se. I was able to successfully reboot using the menu choice, without having to resort to a ‘hardware reset.’ No Windows PC in our company can go for more than a few days without having to be rebooted.” That’s been my experience as well.
4:09:36 AM  

Oliver Wrede: “Tom Fürstner seems to be playing around with plugging other script interpreters into Frontier. This is very interesting. He also says Python is not yet there. I wish it would…”
4:05:28 AM  

Hindustan Times: Who’s next on Osama’s hit list?. “Osama bin Laden’s already said that India, alongside the United States, is his primary target. He’s asked the mujahideen to come together to target India. Intelligence sources that the likely targets in India would be US buildings.”
4:03:17 AM  

MSNBC: British Airways cuts 7,000 jobs. Sounds like the airlines in the U.S. aren’t the only ones taking a hit.
4:01:40 AM  

Flangy: “I think I might take the mixer back and trade down to a smaller model, though. I haven’t decided yet.” Don’t do it. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my secret life as a recording musician, it’s that you can never have too many channels on your board.
4:00:20 AM  

Salon: Hell no, they won’t go — yet. “Even those college students who passionately support the U.S. war on terrorism aren’t sure they want to die in it.”
3:58:14 AM  

Adam Curry: “Several weeks ago my friend Dave Winer asked me to join him on a keynote panel at this years’ Seybold conference… It’s not the flying that worries me, it’s not the security of life in America that has made me anxious. It is the uncertainty of Global Vibe.” Adam, please come to SF. You owe me a beer. ;->
3:57:26 AM  

AthenaDoc.Com: “Only 4 people were in the theater to view the films about the space program. It is not the bombing that is slowing the economy, it is our fear of what might happen. The Space Center is open for visitors. We are as proud and as curious as ever. Let’s go!”
3:55:12 AM  

Seen on FoRK: “We intend to retaliate against those states that have allowed terrorists to operate and have provided them with training and support. The bombing of Florida begins tomorrow.”
1:39:58 AM  

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