9/26/2001; 3:33:41 AM

National Writers Union press release: National Writers Union Reveals New York Times Blacklist. “The New York Times has created an internal blacklist that directs editors throughout the paper not to hire writers who won a historic decision in the U.S. Supreme Court, according to an internal memo obtained by the National Writers Union.” [via Oliver Wrede. See also Tasini vs. The New York Times

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Apple: Seybold Gallery [via All OS X]
9:38:34 PM  

Reuters: Continental Says Execs Won’t Take Pay.
9:34:50 PM  

CNET: Free wireless Net access for the masses. “Community groups are extending Net access through the 802.11b wireless standard, generating a phenomenon reminiscent of the Napster craze.”
9:34:25 PM  

Here’s a link for Doc: God Angrily clarifies ‘Don’t Kill’ Rule: “Responding to recent events on Earth, God, the omniscient creator-deity worshipped by billions of followers of various faiths for more than 6,000 years, angrily clarified His longtime stance against humans killing each other Monday.”
9:32:04 PM  

Welcome to Afghanistan, a land not conquered since Alexander the Great. “As fighting terrain, it is an absolute nightmare. It’s a natural fortress. You can’t get very far with vehicles; you get bogged down and the passes are too steep. The Russians had a bloody awful time. They really got stuck. It’s one thing to put in your infantry, but you’ve got to keep them within range of your artillery and your mortars. With bad mountain passes, this is almost impossible.”
3:46:21 AM  

Jim DeRogatis: What’s up with Generation Y?.
3:44:09 AM  

Joshuah Allen: “The sealing of the Iran and Pakistan borders seen in this light was a very good move, because the ‘flow’ of smuggled goods is directly proportional to the ‘flow’ of cash into Al Quaeda and Taliban coffers. On the other hand, attempts to control the flow of smuggled goods that fuel an insatiable public demand seem uncannily familiar…”
3:42:41 AM  

Bill Gertz: Bin Laden terror group tries to acquire chemical arms. “There is no hard evidence that bin Laden or his followers have actually produced chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. A CIA spokesman declined to comment. But a U.S. official said contacts between bin Laden and the Russian mafia, and efforts to obtain materials used to make weapons of mass destruction, could not be ruled out because of Afghanistan’s porous borders.”
3:38:02 AM  

Reuters: Hong Kong Stocks End Higher. “The market took its cue from gains on Wall Street and in Europe but analysts said investor sentiment remained fragile amid fears that the global economy could tip into a prolonged recession and uncertainty over the timing and extent of U.S. military reprisals for attacks on New York and the Pentagon.”
3:35:22 AM  

The Onion: “In the wake of the recent national tragedy, President Bush is urging Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, and other singers to resist the urge to record mawkish, insipid all-star tribute ballads. ‘To America’s recording artists, I just want to say, please, there has already been enough suffering’…”
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