Month: <span>October 2001</span>

With two men on, and first base open, L.A. wouldn’t pitch to Bonds. They walked him to first, to load the bases. That was the right thing to do, even though L.A. is out of the Pennant race.

Then, as if it were an instant replay of one of many Jeff Kent at-bats in this week’s series against Houston, he came to bat, and cleared the bases, only to be out at third on a bad call. That’s the way it goes… Giants are within one at the bottom of the fifth…
10:07:36 PM  

71 wasn’t enough. Barry just hit #72, having now hit a home run in each of his last three at-bats. One more, and he will have tied the all-time record for most consecutive at bats, hitting a home run…
9:15:22 PM  

Two words: Barry Bonds!
8:43:59 PM  

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Frontier News: “New Verb: tcp.getCurrentTime using the Time Protocol from a National Institute of Standards and Technology Internet Time Server.” Cool!
12:24:49 AM  

CNET: San Francisco bans filters in libraries. “San Francisco officials have voted to ban Internet filters on computers in local public libraries, risking the loss of some $20,000 in federal funds.”
12:23:10 AM  

Slate: “…The Department of Defense can negate GPS signals in a localized ‘threat area.’ For example, if the military negated GPS signals in the Balkans, it wouldn’t affect civilian users in Berlin, Frankfurt, or Athens. The ability to regionally block GPS signals led the Clinton administration to lift the intentional degradation of civilian GPS signals.” Interesting…
12:18:46 AM  

CNET: The Internet’s greatest test. “Eventually, the phone system around New York City could not handle any more calls because all the circuits were in use. Although Internet service may degrade under large loads, it tends to spread the loads evenly across all sessions rather than shutting a large number of users out.”
12:13:48 AM  

All OS X: Macintosh Security October Updates.
12:10:46 AM  

The ten ugliest couches in America are really friggin’ ugly. [via Oliver Wrede]
12:09:33 AM  

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Oh…My…God! I’m a bed webber!
2:39:23 PM  

Brent: “I was looking for a serious speed boost with 10.1, and I got it.”
2:37:15 PM  

David Coursey: Yo, Windows users! Please take a look at Mac OS X.1.
2:36:25 PM  

Henry Porter: Nothing you have seen on television prepares you for it. [via Phillip Winn]
2:34:53 PM  

Ananova: US acts to limit terror lawsuits. “The fund will pay damages without the need to prove negligence to anyone who agrees to forego legal action…”
2:24:20 PM  

BBC: Baby bones in nuclear tests. “Bones were removed from thousands of dead babies without consent and used for nuclear weapons testing, a government agency admits.”
2:22:54 PM  

JD Lasica: “Hey, how come we never hear much about them canadians? They are awfully quiet for such a big country. I’ll bet something funny is going on up there.” There is! 😉
2:19:16 PM Word of the Day: approbation.
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