Earlier, I saw Dave’s note about a page, which I will not link to in order to preserve it’s partial Googlewhack-iness, and realized that it’s not one. (Sorry Dave.)

According to this page, a true Googlewhack must consist of two search terms, both of which appear on, which are searched for without surrounding quotes. (The quotes would restrict the search to the exact phrase.)

The search Dave linked to has seven search terms, one of which is not on

So I decided to do a quick experiment. How long would it take to really find one? I’d tried two or three searches for a minute or two each over the last couple of weeks, but didn’t find a true Googlewhack. Tonight I did:

apoplectic tweezer

The funny thing is that I clicked the Google Search button exactly twice, and the second time, I had a Googlewhack. Time: 27sec.

“Results 1 – 1 of 1.”

Here’s the result in case any of you are interested:

LETTERS From CAMP Rehoboth – July 3, 1998 – CAMPOUT
loud at the episode where Greg’s mother was apoplectic about having a birthday that
ended in a these things, but girls, it happens. Have tweezer, will travel. – 14k – CachedSimilar pages

I logged the whack on the Whack Stack. I also took a screenshot just to proove it.

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