30 Minutes with Radio

Paolo Vlademarin reminds us what you can accomplish with Radio UserLand in 30 minutes:

“Just a couple of days ago a friend called me on the phone to discuss totally different things, and during the conversation he told me something about outliners (as I discovered later, he was a More user). So I told him about Radio and the new Instant Outliners feature. Then I guided him trough the Radio web site, software download, install, opening of his weblog, software update, quick introduction to the news aggregator, initialization of his new I/O and how to subscribe to my public outline…

“Now, consider for a while what this person has actually done in about half an hour:

  • downloaded and installed a web server
  • created a public web site
  • started a news aggregator
  • got a new form of communication (the I/O) working

“…And, btw, have you had better support on a $40 application from any other software company? Microsoft? Intuit? Adobe? Apple? It didn’t happen to me.”