Google API

The Google SOAP API is making quite a splash. It’s at the top of the top 40 right now, and rising. Looks like Daypop users like the Google API almost as much as they like the new iMac. Does that mean that webloggers have a disproportinate number of geeky Macintosh users? Not sure about that one…

Dave is up after midnight pointing at work Simon Fell is doing with SOAP, the Blogger API, the Google API and Microsoft Word. My heart sinks a bit knowing that the stuff he’s done will only work on Windows. (Please correct me if I’m wrong on that. 😉

Give us ubiquitous APIs that use standard protocols, and we scripters, programmers, protocol wanks and geeks will give you ‘Net-aware apps you’ve never dreamed of. We can do wonders with paper clips and Duck Tape, but we could do so much more with a Swiss Army Knife and a soldering iron

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