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eWeek.  (granted, this is five days old, but excellent analysis is always worth waiting for).  Allchin opts for the absolute worst defense.  Patriotism is the last defense of cowards.  It is even worse if Microsoft is engaged in keyword logging as part of their settlement with the DoJ.  This would mean that the US could, if conditions warranted it, keyword log all the computers in a country like Pakistan.  This would occur under the assumption that anyone outside the US isn’t entitled the same freedoms we enjoy.  They are fair game. In exchange, Microsoft would get a pass on anti-trust from the DoJ for a decade or more.  This is the probable scenario. >>>A senior Microsoft Corp. executive told a federal court last week that sharing information with competitors could damage national security and even threaten the U.S. war effort in Afghanistan. He later acknowledged that some Microsoft code was so flawed it could not be safely disclosed.< <<