San Francisco Wireless Broadband

Jim Meehan: San Francisco Wireless Broadband Or, how I came to have a 3.5 Mbps wireless link to my house. “While having a 3.5 Mbps link at your house is pretty cool, it soon became apparent that we would never come close to utilizing it to its fullest… I began to think again about the possibility of a community-based group of people getting together to provide wireless broadband Internet access in San Francisco, and realized that I was now in a position to offer my resources to get that effort off the ground. My employer is receptive to the idea, as long as the additional bandwidth consumed does not expose the company to additional charges from our ISP. At current levels of utilization, I’m in the clear even if my wireless link runs at full 3.5 Mbps capacity 24/7.” [via Slashdot]