5% Dave?

Charles Miller: “When I started working for my current employer, the company had five Davids (including two of the three company directors). Which wouldn’t be too surprising, except that there were only around ten people in the company.”

In my class at Reed College, there were so many Dave-s that a friend of mine changed his name (not legally) to Dave23 — that way everyone would know who he was. The class was only about 350 people, so does that mean that it was more than “5% Dave”? I don’t know, but one of my 20 long-time best friends was in my class at Reed, and guess what his name is…

Certainly unrelated, but I understand that in the year 2000, Jacob (my real name) replaced John as the most popular name for newborn baby boys here in the U.S. John was the most popular name for something like 25 years previous, if memory serves. (It probably doesn’t.)