Since Dave pointed at Silk yesterday, there were a few reports that it causes Radio to crash. That’s a bummer, but I have a workaround if you really want font smoothing in Radio and are having trouble with Silk. Here’s what I posted to the radio-dev list:

I'm using a system prefs panel add-in called TinkerTool to turn on  QuickDraw-based font smoothing. <br /><br /> Under the Font Smoothing tab, I checked the box labeled "Manipulate font  smoothing for applications using QuickDraw", and then set  it to smooth fonts of size 1pt or greater. I had to log out and then back  in for it to work, but only when I first set the pref. <br /><br /> It's not Aqua smoothing, but I now have smooth fonts in Radio, and it's  very readable, especially for small fonts. No crashes here that I can  attribute to it. <br /><br /> Here's the link: <br /><br /> <a href="http://www.bresink.de/osx/TinkerTool2.html">http://www.bresink.de/osx/TinkerTool2.html</a> <br /><br /> Also, I'm still using MacOS X 10.1.4, and not 10.1.5, so I don't know if  that's related or not, but at least with 10.1.4 things seem to be quite  stable. <br /><br /> -Jake