Microsoft to reinstate Java in Windows Microsoft to reinstate Java in Windows. “In an about-face triggered by Sun’s recent antitrust lawsuit, Microsoft says it will reinstate the ability to run Java programs in Windows XP.”

“Microsoft decided in April 2001 not to ship a Java virtual machine, instead adding a ‘download-on-demand’ feature that Sun said in its antitrust suit violated settlement terms of an earlier Java legal dispute between the two companies.

“Microsoft plans to remove the download-on-demand option ‘to take an issue off the table with the current legal action by Sun,’ Cullinan said, and therefore is including its JVM as the “best way to minimize any disruption” to customers.”

Update: Rogers Cadenhead writes, “I don’t know that this does Sun Microsystems, Java programmers, or users any favors. Microsoft’s virtual machine is now three versions out of date.”