World Series Game 4

Screenshot of my editing environment 

Here’s a screenshot of the environment I edited in tonight. I’m using Radio UserLand 8.0.8 running on my MacOS X 10.2 PowerBook to edit my Manila site running in Frontier 9.0.

I was also watching Dave, Dan and Jeff blog the game and chatting a bit with Dan on AIM. This was fun!

After the game was over, I shuffled around my outline so that my coverage could be read from top-to-bottom. It took about 10 seconds, and couldn’t have been done as quickly without the outliner.

In case you didn’t know, free trials are available for both Radio and Frontier.

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Game 4 baby! 

10/23/02; 5:31:33 PM by JES

I’m blogging Game 4. Have to go give Dave a trackback ping.

Catching up 

10/23/02; 5:41:26 PM by JES

I started the game a few minutes late, which is possible because I have a TiVo. I’m not really in it until I get caught up though, which will happen after I skip enough commercials.

Oh — and you might notice I changed the Theme here. Decided to go with something simpler. There was way too much crap on my homepage.

Top 1st — Angels 

10/23/02; 5:45:54 PM by JES

First pitch — strike. I always think that’s a good sign. Eckstein up. Ooh — that was close. He almost walked him but the Angles didn’t get the call. Thrown out at first.

Erstad now at 2-1. Kent picks a grounder and throws him out at 1st. Two down.

Salmon grounder — single.

Anderson up, Gloss on deck. 3-1 now — come on Woody — we need a grounder. Base hit single — now 1st and 3rd with two out.

Gotta put Gloss in his place. It’s time for the momentum to change right now.

Gloss fouls the first pitch. Grounder to kent, flipped to Richie — that’s that. Phew!

Bottom 1st — Giants 

10/23/02; 5:53:26 PM by JES

Lofton up. First pitch ball. Another good sign. Shows bunt, low pitch — 2-0. Lofton rips a slider foul to right. Now 2-2. Amazing infield single — Go Kenny!

Arullia up. (Shut up McGarver.)

Bunt in the air out of play. 0-1. Calls time. Good — control the pace. Throw off the rhythm.

Big swing on a slider: strike. 0-2. Fouled off. Still 0-2.

YES! Flare into right field. 1st and 3rd, nobody out!

Kent at the plate. Inside 1-0. Buck is right — Kent needs to get hot like yesterday.

Foul to deep right. 1-1. Next pitch fouled back. 1-2. In the dirt 2-2. Outside — full count. Come on Kent!

Big swing on an outside pitch. Kent strikes out, and now the walk on Bonds to load the bases. Another chance for Benny to make -em pay.

Santiago up — ball 1. Fouled back: 1-1. Next pitch fouled at the plate, now 1-2. Go Benny!

Way outside — 2-2. Grounder into a double-play. Shit.

Top 2nd — Angels 

10/23/02; 6:05:15 PM by JES

All caught up to real-time now. Time for Woody to shut the Angles down.

Spezio with a full count now. Fouling off defensively. Bouncer over the mound to Arullia at short, throw to first is in plenty of time. One down. Go Richie! (His fielding is rock solid.)

Now 1-0 on Gil. Single to right. Should the Giants outfield play a little shallower? Almost all of the hits last night were bloops just over the infielder’s heads.

Molina has a single. Now 1st and 2nd with only one out. Here comes a bunt. Fuck.

Lackey up. Nearly threw out Gil at 2nd. Man that was close.

Lackey still showing bunt. Count 1-1. Bunt is foul, and now 1-2. Showing bunt, but swings — foul at the plate. 1-2 pitch is low, now 2-2. Shit! Single to right — bases loaded with one out.

Eckstein popped up to left. Throw to the plate is wide and late. Angels lead 1 to nothing.

Boy this is looking familiar. Come on guys — get it together.

Erstad swings at a breaking ball. Count now 1-1. Men on 1st and 2nd — bouncer to Reuter, play at first, and we’re out. Phew.

Can’t skip commercials 

10/23/02; 6:18:35 PM by JES

Since I’m caught up with real-time on the TiVo, I can’t skip any commercials. Just as well — I’m not really in the game unless it’s real-time anyway.

I agree with Dave: should be reporting on the motion in RSS-land.

Bottom 2nd — Giants 

10/23/02; 6:19:49 PM by JES

Snow at bat. Strike 1. (Hot tub in a boat in the cove? Whatever.)

Count 2-1, grounder to 1st — pitcher covers. One out.

Sanders is up. Go get ’em!

Two balls no strikes. Fouled back — 2-1.

2-2 — single up the middle. Man on 1st and one out. Yes!

David Bell is about due for another post-season home run.

Strike 1. Strike 2. Broken bat, play at first — Sanders moves to 2nd. Two out.

Here’s Woody. He can hit. Bouncer to 2nd — play at first. Close, but he’s out.

Top 3rd — Angels 

10/23/02; 6:29:02 PM by JES

Salmon up

Already 2-0. Woody: Get this guy. He’s dangerous.

Now 3-0. We can’t put this guy on base. Yes! A strike.

Single to center. Damnit.

Force out at 2nd. Salmon is gone.

Gloss at bat, man on 1st.

Ball 1. Come on Woody! Ball 2.

Buck says the Angels have had men on in 24 of 29 innings in the series.

Fuck fuck. Home run. 3-nothing, and still only one out. Ouch.

Spezio is coming up. Out. Good — here we go.

Gil single to right-center.

And here comes Molina.

Short delay — debris on the field.

Ball 1 high. Ball 2 outside. Popped to shallow right — out.

I agree with Dan 

What he said. It’s been time for Kent to put up or shut up for a while. What’s he got three hits in the series? Whatever.

Botton 3rd — Giants 

10/23/02; 6:37:09 PM by JES

Lofton takes ball 1.

Foul right, now 1-1.

Killer — he pulls one through the hole on the ground at right. Single.

Arullia up (and we know Bonds will bat this inning).

Low — ball 1, ball 2.

YES!! Dropped. A double. Woo hoo!!!

Kent coming up.

Kent — do us a favor — just walk into the pitch and take first ok?

Ball 1 low and away. Shit — lined to Lackey for an out. No double play though.

Bonds walked — they’re right — if the bases aren’t loaded or if Bonds isn’t leadding off, then he doesn’t see a pitch to hit.

Come on Benny!!

Ball 1, foul down the 3rd base line. 1-1.

Grounds into a double play. Same shit all over again. Yeesch!

How discouraging.

Top 4th — Angles 

10/23/02; 6:49:56 PM by JES

Lackey should be easier to get out than 5 pitches. At least he’s out.

Eckstein now 1-1. Bunt to Bell on the infield, thrown out at first. Bell was ready: That’s more like it.

Ground to Kent — out. 1-2-3 — ok — things are looking a little up.

Bottom 4th — Giants 

10/23/02; 6:55:49 PM by JES

JT Snow up. Grounds to 2nd on the first pitch.

I’m getting frustrated.

Sanders swings on the first pitch high for a strike.

Check swing 1-1. Ball 2. Fouled back, 2-2. Inside — full count.


Long fly out to right.

Bell checks his swing for ball 1. Outside ball 2. Here we go…

Ball 3, and now a strike on the outside edge. Swing, and foul on the ground to left. Full count.

Bell flies out to left.

Still 3-0 Angles.

Top 5th — Angels 

10/23/02; 7:04:41 PM by JES

Salmon up. Strike 1 on the corner. High ball 1. Low ball 2. Come on! Outside ball 3 — full count. Struck him out. Good.

Anderson up. Popped to shallow left for a single.

Gloss at the plate. Strike 1. Inside, ball 1. Checks the runner at first. (Why?) Outside ball 2 — now 2-1. Grounder to short — double play.

That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Bottom 5th — Giants — Tie game! 

10/23/02; 7:11:11 PM by JES

Time to score some runs now. Play time is over. It’s three-nothing, and this is the World Fuckin’ Series, ok? Let’s go!

Rueter up — strike 1 and a foul — 0-2. Another foul. Way inside with the curve ball — 1-2. YES! Rueter has an infield single.

Here’s Kenny. Small-ball, Kenny — small-ball.

Insane bunt down the line. Gloss picked up the ball too soon — still on the line, and it’s fair. Killer!

Go Richie! Ball 1 low. Big swing — strike 1. Foul into the stands to left. 1-2. Arullia asks for time. And again. High towards the face. This is where Rich usually really shines.

YES! Into right — Rueter scores. Runners now at 1st and 3rd with nobody out.

Come on Kent — Don’t fuck it up now.

Foul. 0-1. Pop up into right. Lofton scores and Arullia moves to 2nd on an error, but Kent fails to impress again.

I think Arullia should have stayed at 1st. They’re walking Bonds.

Santiago — no double-plays ok? Ball 1.

YES, YES, YES! — Santiago singles to center. Arullia scores. Now first and second with one out, and a Tied game!

Snow pops out to right. No motion on the bases.

Sanders up with 2 outs. Strike 1. Big swing. 0-2. 1-2. Popped up to right falls foul.

Sanders still up 1-2, foul bouncer to left. Outside ball — 2-2. Swings at a slider — out. Inning over.

Tie Game!

Top 6th — Angels 

10/23/02; 7:30:00 PM by JES

Still in commercials. Hey! Looks like Jeff Cheney is blogging the game.

Lackey has had only two strike outs in 5 innings. We should be ahead by at least 3 if not more, looking at the number of people left on base. Santiago and Kent need to start hitting.

Spezio takes a strike and a ball. Fouled back, 1-2. Base hit to center.

Gil 0-1, pitch out, but no nibbles. Terrible bunt attempt, now 1-2. Another pitch out — what the f**? Now they check the runner. Strike him out already! Swing and a foul. Still 2-2. Swing and Reuter finally has a 2nd strike out. I know it’s not his style, but this should have been easier.

Ball 1 for Molina. Woah — double-play. Out of the inning.

Still tied 3-3 and the Giants are coming up. Here we go — let’s tie up the series!

Bottom 6th — Giants 

10/23/02; 7:41:54 PM by JES

Ben Weber on the mound for the Angles.

Bell with a strike and a foul. 0-2. Outside for a ball. 90MPH fast ball inside, Bell touches it and stays alive. Foul to the left side on the ground. Another foul to the left. Shit — into the outfield on the 3rd base line, Bell goes for two and is tagged out. That should have been a single.

Goodwin is pinch-hitting; Reuter is done for the night. Low for a ball. Inside. Now 3-0. Watches strike 1, and gets an inside pitch showing bunt for a walk.

Here comes Lofton. Strike 1. Pitch-out: no takers. Goodwin goes — steals second, and the throw wasn’t near in time.

Now 1-2 on Lofton. Outside: 2-2. Fly deep to center — Goodwin goes to 3rd.

Arullia up with two outs. Strike 1. Let’s go Richie! Damnit — caught on a line drive to 3rd.

Still tied 3-3, and going to the 7th.

Top 7th — Angels 

10/23/02; 7:52:15 PM by JES

Rodriguez in for the Giants.

First pitch to Palmero is a strike. Big swing for a strike. And another — one away.

Eckstein. 1-1. 2-1. Popped up and Kent catches it.

Erstad up — ball 1. Go Felix. Snow stops a grounder down the 1st base line, and throws out Erstad to Rodriguez at 1st.

Still 3-3. Here comes the kid with the frickin’ insane slider to face Kent, Bonds and Santiago.

Kent can’t hit him. Bonds has a chance. Santiago might walk. We’ll see.

Bottom 7th — Giants 

10/23/02; 8:02:44 PM by JES

Time for someone to set Francisco Rodriguez on his ass. He’s on the mound for the Angels, and is 5 and 0 in the post-season. That slider is the wickedest I’ve seen.

Kent up. How will he approach this kid?

Strike 1 on the corner. Kent swings at the slider and misses big. Outside, 1-2. The “Fox Virtual Manager” says 75% of people think the Angels should pitch to Bonds.

Kent out on strikes, swinging.

Bonds up. Watches strike 1. On the ground and past the catcher. 1-1. Ball outside, 2-1.

Bonds swings at a low pitch, tries to check, but can’t. 2-2. Grounder to 1st for a force. Same thing the kid did to Bonds last time.

Santiago up, 2 outs. 2-0 — now 2-1 on a foul. Watches strike 2. Swing and a foul back. Popped out to left.

Man this kid is good. 20 strikeouts for 4 walks(!!).

Top 8th — Angels 

10/23/02; 8:12:28 PM by JES

Dan Schafer thinks it will go extra innings. What do we do when Felix gets tired? Rob Nen, but only for an inning says Dan on IM. Oy. I’m trying not to think about it.

Whoops — so much for that. Worell is on the mound for the Giants.

First pitch ball to Salmon. 91MPH fastball hign — Salmon swings and misses. Go Tim! Strike 2 on the inside corner. Popped up for Lofton in center who makes a running catch at the track.

Anderson takes a ball, but swings at a change up for a strike. Lined on the ground to Snow at first who takes it to the bag. Two out. Yes!

Glaus takes ball 1. Strike 1. Fouled left: 1-2. Big swing fouls it back. Popped to Bonds in left. Inning over.

Still 3-3. Starting to have heart palpitations.

Bottom 8th — Giants 

10/23/02; 8:23:23 PM by JES

Snow gets a single to right. Lead off man is on.

Sanders coming up. Bunt attempt gets away from the catcher and Snow takes 2nd. Count is 1-0 and man on 2nd. Wow!

Bunt attempt foul: 1-1. Way outside: 2-1. Nervous faces in the Angels dugout. Sanders pops up foul, and Spizio makes an excellent diving catch in front of the Angels’ dugout.

Bell at the plate takes a ball.

Ground ball up the center — Snow scores from 2nd. Throw is off and late. Bell on at 1st!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Giants are up 4-3!

Now that we’ve got a run, we can bring in Nen next inning, which means it’s pinch-hitter time. 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 3-1. Can he walk?

Full count. Strike-out-throw-out double play. Inning over.

Nen: Shut them down!!!

Top 9th — Giants (up by 1) 

10/23/02; 8:35:41 PM by JES

Dan Schafer says “I figure Nen will make it ‘interesting.’ He always does.”

Rob Nen, Giants’ closing pitcher coming in. 1.29 ERA. Buck says he’s had a little shoulder stiffness. Record when leading after 8 innings, 7-0.

Spizio up: Strike 1. Strike 2. Popped out to foul territory for David Bell.

Kennedy singles to right. Shit. Dan’s right. Nen’s going to make it interesting.

Fulmer fouls to the stands in deep left. Big swing — strike 2.

Grounder to Richie, tags 2nd and throws to 1st for a double play. Game Over!!!


The series is even at 2. Tomorrow’s game will be very interesting, and I’ll be there!

(Screenshots in a bit… I have to breathe for a few minutes.  )

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