Month: <span>January 2003</span>

I just posted a note to the radio-dev list:

“We’ve got a new feature for testing: A user interface for doing a full backup/restore of your weblog posts, templates, stories, preferences and aggregator subscriptions…”

There’s also a new preference page for configuring automatic nightly backups.

It’s a beta — please help us test it out, but only if you’re someone who’s comfortable running beta software…

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How can one lose $100B in one year? — I mean that’s a 1 with not 8, but 11 zeros after it: $100,000,000,000. Ok, so it’s $99B, but we’re not counting pennies here right?

It’s surely an awful lot of money to lose in one year, but who’s going to quibble about 1%?… OTOH, I can think of more than a few companies that would just go gang-busters if they had the 1% of the dollars missed in my lazy-math adjustment above…

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Thanks to "Jorge" for the answer to my question earlier. I’ve got this implemented here, and wouldn’t you know it — it works!

The trick is to detect whether the browser is MSIE on Windows, and if so then to add a snippet of JavaScript to the page that scrolls to the end of the list:

function window.onload () {document.all["status"].scrollIntoView();}

Of course I also had to remove the #status anchor from the URL, but that wass trivial with the way I had the page coded. Thanks.

Now for a little code clean-up, some docs and a beta release…

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