Day: <span>February 25, 2003</span>

Those Radio users who upstream lots of pictures, PDFs or other large files to their weblog will be happy to learn that you can now purchase additional storage space on Radio.Weblogs.Com. This page on the Radio UserLand website explains how:

“Each Radio UserLand license comes with 40MB of storage space on Radio.Weblogs.Com. If you need more than 40MB of storage, you can purchase additional space in 50MB blocks for $39.95 at the UserLand store.”

Storage space is a one-time purchase and does not change Radio’s annual license fee.

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Here are a few pictures from our dumpster day at Dave’s last Sunday: (click for full-size)


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The dumpster    <img src=”” width=225″ height=”169″ border=”0″ title=”Dave hosed down the garage floor and we took turns sweeping out water and dirt. This is the floor, reflecting the trees outside.” />
Garage floor

I made a comple of panoramas as well…

Front of house and driveway

Back yard

And since I’m on panoramas, here’s the view out my living room window in Noe Valley:

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