Month: <span>September 2004</span>

As Al Franken pointed out on his show yesterday, 60 Minutes decided to run a story on Bill O’Reilly instead of the story they’d originally planned to run, questioning the Bush administration’s rationale for going to war in Iraq.

Both 60 Minutes’ Mike Wallace and Al Franken call O’Reilly out on his lies. Watch the video. [8’35”, 6.9MB]

Bill O’Reilly, harumph. What under the stars will it take to discredit this guy, I ask you? Jerk.


If you haven’t already registered, or if you’re not sure whether you’re already registered, please, please register now!

In many states, you must register by October 4th in order to vote in the November 6th election, so time is running out. If you don’t know how to register in your state, leave a comment, and I’ll find out how for you.

This is important!

(By the way, did I say this is important?)


Here’s my Al Franken Show snippet for today — an interview with Naomi Klein, author of Baghdad, Year Zero, published recently in Harpers. Klein discusses the mis-management of the reconstruction effort in Iraq.

My favorite part, starting at 1’46”: “A year into the so-called reconstruction, $18.4B allocated from Congress for that task, and I could not find a [construction] crane after a month in Baghdad… Almost my last day before I came home, around the corner I saw a crane… what it was doing was hoisting a huge billboard to the top of a three story building, selling imported [Saudi] honey.”

Here’s the video [11’12”, 8.1MB], which originally aired on Friday, 9/24.