Month: <span>October 2004</span>

Electoral-Vote.Com: “I have decided to come out of the closet before the election. Be sure to come back Monday. Some of you will be quite surprised, I can assure you.”

Update Nov 1, 2004: The news is out, and there was indeed a surprise: I know the guy. Somehow I don’t think that’s exactly what he meant by ‘surprise’. Details here.


Two new clips for you: The first is the BBC’s Newsnight segment on possible voting scandals in Florida, and the second is the full June 1971 Dick Cavett show with John Kerry debating John ONeill.

Remember John ONeill? He’s the Swift Boat Veteran for “Truth” guy who’s made it his mission in life to ruin John Kerry.

Kind of reminds me of someone I met online once. No need to name names…

BBC Newsnight, Oct 26, 2004.
Related BBC story: New Florida vote scandal feared.

John Kerry and John ONeill debate on the Dick Cavett show, June, 1971.
(Thanks to UndergroundClips.Com for the link to the CSPAN Real Video feed.)


As promised, I went Tuesday evening to meet Martin Frost, at a small gathering in a private residence in North Dallas. There were about 30 people there, mostly lawyers, I think co-workers at the law firm which also employees the hosts of the event.

I think the only people Mr. Frost knew well there were the hosts themselves, though I could be mistaken about this. Frost was first a lawyer in Dallas when he moved here in 1970, and in 1978 was elected to Congress.

I had a chance to introduce myself very briefly before Frost gave his short presentation. The only question he had time to ask me was what I do for a living. I told him who I work for, and mentioned weblogs, and I could see the recognition in his face. I think there’s probably no politician in the U.S. any more who doesn’t know at least a little about weblogs.

His presentation was mostly about the race against Pete Sessions — one which has been both very close, and somewhat nasty — about the scandalous redrawing of the TX congressional districts which took place in 2002, just two years after the previous redistricting — and about his recent accomplishments for Texas, including among other things, getting the parties involved in the near-bankruptcy of American Airlines back to the table and to a settlement.

He seemed like a genuine and sincere person, intelligent, and dedicated to service. I understand from talking to some people who have lived here longer than I, that Pete Sessions gives a similar in-person impression. But for my part, watching the debates between Frost and Sessions, I see the same pathology in Sessions that I see in the Bush clan — lots of talk about lowering taxes, family values and security, and very little in the way of concrete policies and plans.

The weirdest thing was that someone turned up at the event that I know. The wife of the harmonica player I played two gigs with a couple of weeks ago, works at the law firm some of these folks were from. Both she and her husband were there. They were very surprised to see me there, as was I.

Anyway, Frost is someone I can, and will vote for. His supporters were fun to talk to, sharp and witty. I had a good time.

P.S. I forgot to mention that Frost had just received an endorsement from the Dallas Morning News. Everyone seemed to be pretty happy about that.