In Durango, CO

Well, here I am in Durango, CO, for the wedding of my oldest friend in the world, Bradley Rowe. As his mom puts it, we were friends before we were born. Brad was at mine and Cindy’s wedding last month, and he gave a great toast. Maybe I should prepare a speech (gasp! <wink/>)…

After traveling all day, I picked up the rental car, got a bite to eat, and then went with Brad, Rachel and some friends and family, to the Hot Springs for a couple of hours. We left refreshed, relaxed, and a little woozy from the altitude.

Now I’m back in the Hotel, stuck on a dial-up, watching the Daily Show. Joh Stewart kicks some serious butt. If you missed it, you should seriously check out John Stewart on Fresh Air on NPR from last Wed…

Oh my god! Bill O’Reilly is on the Daily Show! I hope my TiVo is recording this. (Remind me to make a tunnel for myself to talk to my TiVo at home when I’m out of town…)

PS: O’Reilly just said that there’s “no question that mistakes were made in Iraq”… He dodged the question of whether Rumsfeld should be held responsible for mistakes in Iraq, by saying (paraphrase), “by the way, Rumsfeld is coming on the Factor…” Oy. O’Reilly needs a trip to the Dr. Phil show.

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