Bush, stem cell research (oh my)

Scott Rosenberg writes:

“Stem cells: Kerry just pointed out the single overwhelming fact here, that hundreds of thousands of embryos are either going to be destroyed eventually, or they could be used to find cures for diseases.

“Bush is saying ’embryonic stem cell research requires destroying lives.’ If he believes that, why isn’t he outlawing fertility clinics? By his definition, they’re mass murderers, and the thousands upon thousands of Americans who have created and destroyed embryos in the course of fertility treatments should be locked up in jail. There is no logic, no morality, nothing but pathetic politics in Bush’s stem-cell policy.”

I actually know quite a bit about this science. Kerry is right. And so is Bush — sort of. It’s correct to say that ethics is important. But it’s not correct to outlaw stem cell research in general.

The President talks about balance, but his policies in this regard are not balanced. If you disagree, post a comment or drop me a line…

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