Christmas Tree

It’s really cold here. As the pilot on the airplane said the other day, it’s a “balmy 6 degrees”. Cold enough that it’s uncomfortable to be outside for more than a minute or two at a time. At least it’s not wet, or we’d be completely trapped indoors.

We did some last-minute shopping today. Gifts include books, movies, and jewelry. All objects of indulgence in most other cultures. We’re thankful that we have the time and the money to indulge, and more thankful to share indulgences with afmily and loved ones.

Last night we had a wonderful Indian dinner, hosted by mom’s Indian friends, and then we decorated our last-minute tree. Tomorrow we’ll open gifts, but they won’t be under the tree or else the dog will eat them, or the kittens will tear up the wrapping paper.

Sunday maybe a trip to Chicago, or maybe out to a movie. Monday a nice dinner, and Tuesday it’s back home. With only a tiny amount of luck, the airport will have enough de-icer on hand, and we won’t be delayed again.

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