Month: <span>November 2005</span>

G5FrontAndSide.jpg: … isn’t the only thing to say, but certainly it’s the first thing I have to say about my new machine. It’s not quite the quad-core 2.5GHz model, but it’s the next best thing at 2 x 2.7GHz.

And let me tell you, this puppy is fast. As a comparison with my PowerBook G4 2.66MHz, compile time in CW8 for a project with about 250 files went from about 5 minutes to about 1.

Another telling comparison: using Tracktion 2 to play back multi-track audio, I was able to play a benchmark edit with 12 tracks on my 1.66GHz PowerBook G4, including one each of Tracktion’s built-in host-based VST filters. Using the exact same edit, I was able to play back 40 tracks on the new box before red-lining, and the mouse and keyboard were still quite responsive, whereas on the PowerBook with its single CPU, it was difficult to get Tracktion to stop, the CPU was so overloaded. Another edit with a lot of VST instruments and samplers, which would barely play at all on the PowerBook, hardly dings the dual 2.7GHz G5 at all. Me very happy.

Performance gains in other applications is similar, though I have yet to do any serious photo or video work.

For the most part, migrating my data was easy using Apple’s Migration Assistant utility, but applications and extensions were a little more difficult. The Migration Assistant was able to copy most stuff, but occasionally extensions that were installed for only one user, instead of for all users, didn’t get the correct permissions everywhere and needed to be re-installed. In some cases I had to manually un-install first, which isn’t itself so difficult, but it did take some time to find all the things that were a little bit broken.

All in all, I’m very happy with the new machine, despite it being a tad on the noisy side for audio work, and a tad too warm to put under my desk. It will be perfect once I manage to get the office arranged so that the machine is still within reach, but neither right in my face (for the noise) nor right next to my legs (for the heat). Well, perfect, that is, after my second video card arrives on or around Wed, and I can get back to working with three displays, something the PowerBook had spoiled me greatly with. Two is nice, and that Apple is shipping with dual-display support is great, but three is better.


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