Month: <span>April 2007</span>

Tonight, my frind David took me to downtown Seattle to hear Kevin Ryan and Brian Kehew speak about their book, Recording The Beatles, and the roughly 10 years (!) of research that went into it.

These guys are working audio engineers and producers, who wanted to write the book they themselves had always wanted, about how The Beatles had gotten the sounds that they’d captured — on primitive 2- & 4-track machines, no less. That launched them into a 10 year adventure, first separately, and later as collaborators, in what has to be the most thoroughly researched book about The Beatles recordings (or perhaps anyone’s) ever made.

Despite their backgrounds, Kevin and Brian are very down-to-earth, and know how to speak without going over the heads of their audience. The book is also written with both the technical, and non-technical in mind.

This one is definitely going onto my wish-list.

Now let’s see if I can get Diarist to post the picture I took tonight, as part of this post…


So I just went and looked again after a couple of months, and (re)ran across Diarist for Windows Mobile, now at version 2.1. It’s a free weblog editor for Windows Mobile, with support for the now nearly ubiquitous MetaWeblog API.

I’d tried it once before, but wasn’t able to connet to my blog, I think because Manila didn’t implement getUsersBlogs. With that fixed (because I’d wanted to use ecto on the Mac — a great, albeit slightly clunky blog editor, by the way), Diarist now seems to be working with my site. If you see this, then it is anyway. “;->”

Even better, v2.1 has support for newMediaObject for posting pictures. I’ll try that another time…

Now let’s see if this will work… 3, 2, 1…

Update: That totally worked. Way cool! It’s not wizzy or anything fancy, and it’s a real shame you can’t edit past posts, but for a simple little mobile blogging tool, it’s looking quite capable. More soon.

Update: Posting an image totally worked too. If only Diarist could retrieve posts from the server, instead of haing to edit locally cached copies. And a little better category UI wouldn’t hurt either. “;->”

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