Month: <span>July 2007</span>

I just went and checked. My first ever blog post (and no, the word blog didn’t exist yet) was on May 15, 1997. It’s been at that URL or one very similar for as long as I can remember. Formerly the site had lived at, but I moved it to as soon as I had the means to.

I’m not surprised at all that the WSJ got it wrong on the 10 year anniversary of blogging. Basically as far as I can tell they probably don’t care about the real facts of the matter. I only hope the same isn’t true for everything else they cover, but I must admit to not being very optimistic in this regard.

Anyway, thanks to Duncan Riley for catching the WSJ’s screw up, and to Dave Winer for pointing to Duncan and for helping inspire me and so many others to start writing online.