Month: <span>August 2007</span>

Alright, it had to happen eventually. Netflix changed something and my IMDB/Netflix movie mash-up stopped working the way it was supposed to.

It turns out that their URL scheme changed, but only on what were formerly displayMovie pages, and only on the main site (not the mobile site).

The upshot was that my script couldn’t tell any longer how to make an Add To Queue link from a movie’s URL on Netflix, nor could it convert a URL on the main site into a URL on the Netflix mobile site, when viewing using a mobile browser (or RSS reader).

Converting a displayMovie URL into an Add To Queue link used to be a matter of replacing displayMovie with addToQueue. That doesn’t work any more — now I have to actually parse the URL for the movieid, and make my own link. Same kind of thing for converting URLs on the main site into ones that work on the mobile site. Oh well… So much for low-tech. :-/

Update 8/27: Looks like the change at the beginning of the month fixed the problem. Coolio.

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