Month: <span>January 2008</span>

I finally got sick of clicking Not Now when setting up my Windows Mobile PDA-phone under Vista, and deicded to go ahead and register with the Windows Mobile folks, to put a cease to their nagware.

Lo and behold, the message I get after entering my personal info is:

“Thank you for providing us with your email address. We will contact you when the program is available in your language.”

What the hell does that mean? The Windows Mobile team at Microsoft doesn’t speak English?

I think this bug is related to the fact that I used a non-Hotmail Windows Live ID to log in, so they can’t tell what market I’m in. But really folks — shouldn’t we default to English?

Also, what “program” are they talking about? I didn’t ask for any program for my phone, and it seems to be working in English perfectly well already.


Microsoft Pocket PC

This is one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen:

Apparently he’s now in his 20s(?), and he’s got his own website with some great samples.

Prince says he’s the “most frightening drummer I’ve ever heard,” and that’s certainly something. (I don’t think he was kidding.)