Month: <span>June 2008</span>

Via “Brint“, here are some awesome Mars pictures:


(And Phobos too.)


I know it, I’m totally lame. It’s been almost three weeks, and I’m only just now putting up photos. “Better late than never,” I always eventually say.

So without further adieux, here they are:

BBQParty08thumb.jpg: Jake & Cindy's 1st Annual BBQ Shindig

In the photos, in order of appearance, from left to right: Stephen Sisk, Talyor Lehman, Bryan Moudy, Dave Lindsay, Cindy Savin, Mandy, Peter Savin, Brent Simmons, and Sheila Simmons.

The dog is Dexter, a.k.a. “Chupie”, short for Chupacabra. Dave can tell you why — maybe he’s willing to share the video he took at the party?