Month: <span>December 2012</span>

Marco wrote today:

“Remarkably, the show is still running, and in last night’s episode, ‘The Day The Earth Stood Cool’, The Simpsons made a Tumblr joke. The site that David and I started when I was 24 was referenced in the show I started watching when I was 7.”

That’s pretty awesome.

I had a similar feeling when I watched Julie & Julia a few years back, and in the scene where Julie got all excited about the first real comments on her blog, her computer showed a comment pop-up window (a mock-up anyway) of the comments page that I wrote for Radio UserLand. The service she was using is no more, and at this point sadly her original blog is down, but it was great to see something I worked on get called out in a scene in a movie with Meryl Streep – one of the best of the best.

Congrats, Marco.