An Important Message on Privacy From TiVo

[Transcribed from my TiVo on 1/23/02.]

Dear TiVo Subscriber:

Since our founding, we’ve been dedicated to protecting your privacy. We created the industry’s first privacy policy, which was predicated on the simple concept that you, the TV viewer, should be in control over your personally identifiable viewing information.

The purpose of this communication is to notify you that we’ve updated our Privacy Policy. The most critical components of our Policy remain in effect — the TiVo service has no way of knowing what shows you — as an individual or household — have watched or recorded without your prior consent.

The update focuses on new commerce features that allow you to participate in surveys and special offers, or engage in transactions using the TiVo service. We have updated our Privacy Policy to let you know what information would be collected and communicated should you choose to take advantage of these features.

You can read the updated TiVo Privacy Policy by visiting or if you don’t have Internet access, you can call us toll-free at (877) 367-8486, and we will mail you a copy.

Matthew Zinn, Chief Privacy Officer