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Looks like when it comes to Google, Microsoft has some catching up to do on the Gadget Developer Relations front.

Having spent 10+ years working with, or on a super-fun, easily hackable, and powerful Microsoft

Big news in Jake-land: I’ve accepted a new job as technical program manager at Microsoft, working on the MSN/Windows Live team, and Monday morning I begin my first day of work.

It’s been a very productive six years at UserLand, which has seen blogging go from obscurity to commonplace, RSS and XML-based syndication go from experimental to mainstream (even required), web services go from dream to business model, and podcasting go from non-existent to the big time.

UserLand has been influential, and at times an innovator, in all of these technologies, and I’ve been very proud to have played a part in these early developments, however small my part may have been.

Thanks UserLand!, and Thanks Dave! I’ve learned a ton, and I must tip my hat with great respect, before moving on.

Hello Seattle.