Friday Afternoon with Mom

Here are some photos of my Friday afternoon with Mom, Jeff and Sally…

We picked up Jeff at home.
Jeff in Jake's Car:

And then we drove out 17th St. towards the Castro. That’s the Marina and the Bay in the background.
View of the Marina from Ashbury Heights:

My brother, Pete and his girlfriend, Laura, sent us a package. We waited to open it until lunch.
Package from Pete and Laura:

It was a homemade candle.
Candle from Pete and Laura:

We had decided to eat ad Sparky’s on Church Street in the Castro.
Jake at Sparky's:

I got a steak.
Before Steak at Sparky's:

It was good!
After Steak at Sparky's:

We took a couple more photos before we left:
Mom, Jake and Sally at Sparky's:
Jeff, Sally and Jake at Sparky's:

The weather this afternoon was nice, though a little overcast.
The Castro:

On the way to Flax we saw a funny thing on the back of a van. Baby Bellies! Get a plaster cast of your pregnant belly! Only in California!
Baby Bellies Van:

This is Flax:

We went for coffee and sweets after shopping for art supplies.

There was a cool metal statue of a man in the corner of the coffee place.
Metal Man:

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