John Perry Barlow DVD Pro Keynote Speaker

April 18, 2000, Wilton, CT, –John Perry Barlow will address the DVD PRO Conference & Expo at 9:00 on July 17, 2000 as the opening keynoter. John Perry Barlow is a retired Wyoming cattle rancher, a former lyricist for the Grateful Dead, and co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

He is a writer and lecturer on subjects relating to the virtualization of society and is a contributing editor of numerous publications, including Communications of the ACM. He has been a contributing writer for Wired since its first issue. His writings, which include his Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace as well as The Economy of Ideas, have been widely distributed on the Net. Because of this, he has been called “the Thomas Jefferson of Cyberspace” by Yahoo Internet Life Magazine.

John Perry Barlow is a recognized commentator on computer security, Virtual Reality, digitized intellectual property, and the social and legal conditions arising in the global network of connected digital devices. He also works as a consultant on such matters with the Vanguard Group, the Global Business Network, and Diamond Technology Partners. Barlow is a member of the External Advisory Council of the National Computational Science Alliance.

“John Perry Barlow believes in the Jeffersonian ideal of making ideas available to everyone. In an increasingly digitally divided world, perhaps nothing is more vital than realizing that the original purpose of copyright was to ensure the sharing information, not the accrual of profit. I’m looking forward to hearing how this principle can be applied to DVD,” said Dana Parker, DVD PRO Conference chair.

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