Manila Palooza!

Jake Ready for Manila Palooza:
It was obvious I was excited before I even left.

Jeff In the Car on the Way to Manila Palooza:
I picked up Jeff Cheney at about 11:30.

Before Lunch Before Manila Palooza:
We stopped off for lunch before the event.

Jeff taking a picture of lunch:
Jeff and I continued our running gag.;): Smile!

After the lunch before Manila Palooza:
Food was good, but it was a little too much.

There’s a cool fountain sculpture at De Anza.

Manila Palooza:
The sign was unassuming.

Jake and Bob or Bob and Jake:
I caught Bob Bierman taking a picture

Dave on the Podium:
Dave Winer

Davenet in Pike:
First we got the pike demo.
(I’m editing this page in Pike!)

Sometimes old-school technology works best. on the Big Screen: makes the big screen!

For want of Julia Childs:
For want of Julia Childs.;): Smile!
Craig Jensen had trouble logging into his site. Murphy was at Manila Palooza too.

Manila Palooza Webcast:
The event was webcast!

InForm Demo:’s InForm is a soon-to-be plug-in for doing SlashDot style logging. Thanks, Erin!

Eric Soros' Demo at Manila Palooza:
Eric Soros did a great demo of a searchable emailing application.

Ken Dow’s SkullZilla stole the show!
(Wish I had a better picture.)

Aftermath of Manila Palooza:
Things got a little violent near the end, but there were no major injuries.;): Smile!

La Fiesta:
We went for dinner at La Fiesta

Dinner After Manila Palooza:
Most of us ate outside, but there wasn’t quite enough room.

Enchilladas Suizas:
It was excellent.

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