Manila To Do Sep 2003

Planned features
Comment notification in email
For both Radio and Manila
DG RSS feeds
Support for multiple departments
Checkboxes on the edit news item page, instead of a pop-up menu
Home Page pseudo-category, just like Radio — default to checked
Department list page
Links to RSS feeds and department home pages
Managing editors can edit name/description of departments via this page
Per-department RSS feeds
Site map feature — a page which lists all pages in a Manila site
Monthly archive pages
Display all home page content for a given month
Send news items as bulletins
Button on the edit news item page for sending the item as an email bulletin
Nightly email subscriptions
Send out today’s news via email to members who have the pref enabled
User-configurable hour to send
User-editable template
RSS feed for comments
Event logging
Events page for Manila sites that works like the Events Log in Radio
Easy profile editing
Edit This Page button on profile pages
Imrpove default profile prefs
Field for posting a picture/mug-shot
Email-free membership
Summary feature for news items
Per-news-item pref for using the summary on the home page and/or in the RSS feed
User-configurable error pages; server-level and site-level
Site-level: 404 page
Server-level: mainResponder error page
Post buttons on aggregator page to create new news items
Review text on aggregator page
Path-based permissions
managing editor can restrict sub-areas of the site to editors, members, etc.
FTP option for static rendering
Server-level prefs for enabling the feature
Site-level prefs for configuring FTP account and site URL
Pref for restricting stats pages to editors only
Moderated comments and trackback
Works in conjunction with email notification: emails contain links to approve or deny posting of the comment or trackback ping
UI for reverting a posted news item back to pending
News items workflow preference
A pref on the News Items prefs page for turning off the workflow features.
Defaults to not use workflow features in new sites, and to keep the current behavior in existing sites.
Released features
Navigation links editor
robots.txt support
WYSIWYG editor for Mozilla
Admin box for hierarchy pages
Improved profile page
Managing editors can manage members via this page: block/un-block/delete, view email addresses
Optional news item title/link (like Radio)
Spam-free email for Manila
Email addresses eliminated from Manila UI
Record IP addresses in DG messages/comments
External CSS file support
mySubscriptions.opml support for aggregator