Not Spicy Noodles or Spicy Not Noodles

Today was not a spicy noodles day or it was a not spicy noodles day

Mom, Sally, Marco and I had a nice evening tonight. First, we went to Marco’s friend’s house in South San Francisco to have a couple of beers, talk about starting new careers in hi-tech at fifty-something, and jam out…
Before the Jam with Marco's Friends:

Sally was having a good time!
Sally at the Jam:

As was Marco on the trap set…
Marco at the trap:

…and… the fish…
Fish at the Jam:

We all rocked out for a couple hours. Sally and Marco went back to the city to dance, and Mom and I went for Chinese food at 19th Ave and Lincoln.
Chinese till one:

They had live lobsters there…

…but I decided to get some noodles… not spicy, but noodles nonetheless:
Not spicy noodles:

The soup, on the other hand, was spicy, but not noodles:
Spicy not noodles:

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