Some companies and products I’ve participated in developing over the course of my career, roughly in chronological order…

  • Sonic Solutions – I worked on multiple Sonic products in the late 1990’s including Sonic Studio digital audio workstation (multi-track editing, mastering, sound for film/TV), Sonic DVD Studio and related (DVD authoring and mastering), build and test automation system. Sonic Solutions provided the first widely available, production-quality systems for editing digital media, for which it won numerous awards including Oscar and Emmy awards.
  • MacWORLD, MacWEEK – I developed and maintained web the content management system and search engine, based on UserLand Frontier.
  • UserLand Software – From 2000-2006 I was a software developer spanning many products and features, notably including Radio UserLand, Manila, My.UserLand.com, Weblogs.com, UserLand’s SOAP implementation and interoperability efforts (backstory), comments and pingback, site administration system, RSS aggregator, localization framework, and numerous bespoke projects including the home page and RSS-based content aggregator for blogs.oracle.com.
  • Microsoft – I worked in the Windows Live division as a program manager on various common client-side (Win32) components for Messenger, Windows Live Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and Family Safety. Components included contact synchronization with online service, user profiles and tiles, shared authentication UI, privacy and security compliance, and configuration service for internationalizing ads and features in Messenger.
  • Consulting – Some of the mobile and web apps I’ve shipped for clients:
    • ESPN app for iOS (PM oversight)
    • Starbucks app for iOS and Android (PM)
    • WikiHow app for iOS (TPM)
    • Microsoft Groove Music for iOS and Android (formerly Xbox Music, and Zune Music, TPM)
    • Sesame Street for iOS (PM)
    • WBEZ for iOS and Android (TPM), website, and CMS
    • SlingTV common web UI components, used on smart TVs, Windows, Xbox apps (TPM)
    • Crackle for iOS (PM)
  • Rover.com (TPM) – I worked on API and architecture projects prior to Rover’s becoming public via SPAC
  • Amazon Music (TPM, current) – I work on various programs in the Voice space including integrations with Siri and Google Assistant