Saturday with Mom

Mom and I went out and about on Saturday. First we went to pick up my oldest friend in the world, Brad. He’s a software engineer at Sonic Solutions, where I used to work, and a fellow musician. I’ve known him as litterally for as long as I can remember, and I’m really glad he lives here in San Francisco.
Brad at His Doorstep:

First we went for coffee and conversation at the Fillmore Grind, on the corner of Oak and Fillmore, near Brad’s house.
Fillmore Grind:

After coffee, we walked up to Alamo Square Park…
Alamo Square Park:

To check out a famous view of San Francisco:
The City From Alamo Square:

Brad had things to do, and people to see, so Mom and I decided we’d drive downtown, so I could show her my office at Mac Publishing.
Jake at his Desk:

There’s a great view of the Bay Bridge from the fifteenth floor. Here’s a composite of four pictures of it:
Bay Bridge Panorama from Mac Publishing:

We left at around 6:00, to pick up Sally and go to dinner. Mom wanted seafood, so we chose the Pacific Cafe on Geary at 34th Avenue.
Pacific Cafe:

Mom breaking bread:
Mom Breaking Bread:

Sally and I:
Sally and Jake at the Pacific Cafe:

I ordered the swordfish and salmon combination plate. I was pretty hungry, so I forgot to get a picture before I dug in…
Swordfish and Salmon:

And the conversation was lively, so I also forgot the get the after picture. Oh well. It was tasty. You can probably imagine an empty plate. ;): Smile!

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