Soul Detour in the Studio – Apr 14, 2000

This is Bob. He runs Brickhouse Studio on Bryant St. In San Francisco,
where we reorded seven songs today.
He looks devilish here, but he’s a really easy-going guy.
Bob and Bricks

The first thing we did was set up the drum set…
Drums and Bricks

Then we had to set up microphones and test them all.
Drums With Mics

Bob’s got a funky contraption that blocks sound from the band,
so he can hear while we rock out. (The drums are pretty loud.)
Brickhouse Console Contraption

We dial everything in on this console.
It’s an older desk, but it does the job nicely.
Brickhouse Console

There’s also a bunch of special equipment for fine-tuning the sound of each instrument.
Brickhouse Outboard Bear

We listen through these custom-made speakers known as monitors.
(You can see in the picture above, that there are three pairs of monitors.
We check speakers that correspond to all different kinds of stereos,
just like HTML designers use more than one browser.)
Brickhouse Monitor

Here’s Billy’s guitar amp…
Marshall and Bricks

Notice you see bricks in almost every picture?
That’s why it’s Brickhouse Studio!
Here are some bricks behind a very expensive vocal microphone…
A Very Expensive Microphone

Our drummer, Toby fine-tunes his drum sound…
Toby at Brickhouse Console

But it was all too much for him!;): Smile!
He just had to lie down for a while. (I took over.)
Toby Crashed at Brickhouse

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