Turn of the Millennium in San Francisco


It’s early morning here in San Francisco. I managed to end up at the fireworks craziness at the Embarcadero, and I had my new digital camera with me… So without further delay, here are the photos:

This is what it looked like when I arrived on the Embarcadero at about 11:00pm.
y2k-on the way: The view of Embarcadero just South of the party at about 11:30pm

And the crowd watches a pair of projection-screen TVs complete with (big boo) ads for Zales diamonds.
y2k-crowd watches video: The crowd watches a pair of projection-screen TVs, booing at commercials

Then there were a few seconds of silence just before the countdown began…
y2k-calm before storm: The crowd at the Embarcadero grows silent for a moment just before the countdown to midnight

And as the crowd screamed, there was a small volley of flares:
y2k-small volley over crowd: The light show began gradually with a few flairs shooting straight up into the air

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