I dreamed we had a puppy

…But when I woke up this morning we didn’t.

It was a particularly strange dream, since it came along with all kinds of real-world puppy paraphernalia: puppy food, chew toys, a puppy bed…

He got sick. He slept all day yesterday, which is patently un-puppy.

He was sick enough that we took him to the emergency pet hospital last night, where he was admited for treatment of canine parvo virus.

We got a call in the wee morning hours that he didn’t make it.

We cried.

He lived long enough to fly in an airplane, and ride in a taxi.

He lived long enough to be spat at by a cat. No dog can claim to be a real dog without experiencing cat spit.

He lived long enough to establish a home, with a family he loved, and who loved him. Maybe that’s enough.

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