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My brother‘s boss was working at home today when the earthquake hit Olympia. He posted some pictures of the stuff in his house that was displaced, including a series of three pictures entitled bedroom devistation 1, 2 and 3.

Fortunately my brother’s house was in much better shape…

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…But when I woke up this morning we didn’t.

It was a particularly strange dream, since it came along with all kinds of real-world puppy paraphernalia: puppy food, chew toys, a puppy bed…

He got sick. He slept all day yesterday, which is patently un-puppy.

He was sick enough that we took him to the emergency pet hospital last night, where he was admited for treatment of canine parvo virus.

We got a call in the wee morning hours that he didn’t make it.

We cried.

He lived long enough to fly in an airplane, and ride in a taxi.

He lived long enough to be spat at by a cat. No dog can claim to be a real dog without experiencing cat spit.

He lived long enough to establish a home, with a family he loved, and who loved him. Maybe that’s enough.

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Sally and I went to Dallas last weekend. We were celebrating my Grandmother’s 80th birthday (02/10/2001). We ate dinner together with my dad, stepmother, and sister, at a place called Gerschwin’s. There was a piano player, but he played no Gerschwin – just Steely Dan and Supertramp.

The food was OK, but the company was great.

And we came back with more than we bargained for…

(Well not really more than we bargained for, but it sounded good.)

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