4/5/2001; 1:01:14 AM

Jake hits paydirt. Interop with MS .NET beta2. [Scripting News]
11:54:23 PM  

There’s a massive thread on the soapbuilders list about encoding for hashtables (or maps, dictionaries, basically sets of name/value pairs). Hopefully everyone will agree on something, but it doesn’t look to promising so far. [Simon’s SOAP Scratchpad]
11:53:55 PM  

Wired: New Substance Freaks Physics.
4:36:34 PM  

TiVo revamps business plan, sheds workers. The digital video recorder pioneer imposes measures to cut costs and boost subscriber numbers. [CNET Tech News]
4:36:03 PM  

The Register: Attack of the 13ft crabs.
12:20:36 PM  

Wired: MS and Its Terms of Embarrassment. Responding to heavy criticism, Microsoft says the terms of use on its Passport service are outdated, to be ignored, and will soon be changed. But does that mean the software company doesn’t want to own you?
12:16:32 PM  

Salon.com: President Dumbass. In the bratty “That’s My Bush!” the “South Park” boys claim they’re sending up sitcoms, not George W. Right. And Cartman’s a genius.
12:14:56 PM  

DaveNet: A Busy Developer’s Guide to SOAP 1.1. [Scripting News]
1:04:24 AM  

Update 8:30 p.m.: Weblogs.Com sites are back up. We’re now working on the server that runs (most) EditThisPage.Com sites. [Frontier News]
1:03:56 AM  

Joshuah Allen: We Appreciate Dave: “I think anyone involved would agree that he has done more to widen the interop of SOAP 1.1 than perhaps anyone else. The discussion on soapbuilders list have been an incredible education in what it will take to do interop — an education for Microsoft and an education for developers of SOAP implementations for years to come.”
1:03:41 AM  

I made some changes on the Frontier ilab matrix endpoint, and the UserLand SOAP validator, for dealing with different character encodings. [Jake’s SOAP Journal]
1:01:14 AM  

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