5/31/2001; 1:51:56 PM

Sjoerd Visscher: “To be able to try some XML-RPC calls, I built a simple interface around the XML-RPC client, so that there is now an online XML-RPC debugger. Then I found out that Graham Dumpleton had one available already, including introspection.”
7:59:41 PM  

CNET: Sun loses two key executives. “The server giant is losing two key executives on the eve of the company’s most public conference devoted to its Java software.”
7:57:35 PM  

Inside.com: Egg-Faced News Divisions Stick With VNS Despite Election Fiasco. “The networks and Associated Press decide to stick with Voter News Service, cited as the culprit for last November’s election night screw-ups. None would pay for an alternative.”
5:07:52 PM  

CNET: Sex.com offers $50K for cybersquatter capture. “The owner of the porn portal is offering a $50,000 reward for the capture of a man who cheated his company out of money by illegally co-opting the site for five years.”
1:51:56 PM  

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