6/1/2001; 1:43:45 AM

Scripting News: “Perhaps it’s ironic that The Standard has a clearer view of the big picture in XML. I thought Edd [Dumbill] would not go down this path when he took the editor job at XML.Com, since he’s an XML-RPC developer. How did he forget this in his survey of what’s happening in XML? Because it’s not embroiled in W3C politics, it’s not important?” [links added]
11:33:30 PM  

Salon: The unlikely populist. “All this doesn’t quite explain how California lost power over its destiny to Texas. In fact, it was the work of Californians, Republican and Democratic politicians alike, along with state energy executives looking for bigger profits and an asleep-at-the-switch media. And while Governor Davis may well have to go to war with Texas energy profiteers to ease the crisis, to date the evidence shows he’d rather wage a rhetorical war against Washington and Texas than a real one.”
11:29:26 PM  

Sjoerd: “My javascript is often so simple and minimal, that it really surprises me that it doesn’t work on the Mac.”
4:00:21 PM  

Dan Sheridan: “The registration process is fundamentally flawed, at this point. It is the ultimate example of poor process engineering and customer service. For all of the partnerships, new economy leadership Network Solutions possesses, it is still a government agency at its core.”
3:57:46 PM  

This is just plain weird: Poodle eats womans lip as she slept.
3:56:02 PM  

BBC: Hypersonic speed attempt. Final checks are being carried out for the first test flight of a jet designed to travel at seven times the speed of sound.
12:42:33 PM  

Cosmiverse.com: Spectacular Image of the Atlantic Oceans Gulf Stream.
12:42:13 PM  

Associated Press: Hackers Target College Computers.
1:43:45 AM  

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