6/3/2001; 1:36:10 AM

Jeff: “Sony has no editorial integrity. Not that I ever give movie reviews much weight anyway, but it disgusts me none the less…”
10:35:15 PM  

CNN In-Depth Specials – Tiananmen revisited.
10:34:42 PM  

BBC: Anthony: The Mighty Quinn.
3:39:59 PM  

AthenaDoc: “Are physicians now forbidden from expressing humanitarian concerns in talking to students or colleagues? Are we required to stick to biochemistry and drug advertising? Can we no longer weep for the children of the world?”
1:42:43 AM  

Scoble on centralization: “MSN Communities have been down for 13 hours. And we’re supposed to be excited about Microsoft’s vision of storing everything on their computers? Blech!”
1:41:35 AM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: parse. I like that word!
1:36:44 AM  

AP: World: Israel Calls Off Cease-Fire.
1:36:10 AM  

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