Frontier 9.0: Legal Macros

Most Manila sites are dynamic sites — the pages are rendered from text, templates, and script code that resides on your Frontier server. When a web browser requests a page from the server, Frontier pulls all the pieces together, and churns out a page of HTML which is returned to the browser.

Pages in Manila sites can contain macros. Macros make it possible to include calculated elements in your web pages and templates, and many of Manila’s more powerful features build on macros.

Since Frontier’s deep scripting language has the ability to modify just about anything on your server, we provided a mechanism for specifying what macros are “safe”. Any non-safe macros are automatically “neutered” — their code won’t be executed when the page is rendered.

Frontier 9.0 introduces a new feature which allows server managers to add to the list of safe macros through the admin website. To make a macro safe just type its name and click a button. To remove a safe macro, check a box and click a button. Safe macros are available to all Manila sites, and indeed all dynamic sites, on your Frontier server.

Tomorrow’s screenshot: Server Monitor