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radioProductShotIt may take some time for the DNS change to propagate, and there are certainly going to be some broken incoming links, but I just finished the bulk of the work to port my Radio UserLand site here.

All of the posts from are in a new Jake’s Radio ‘Blog category, in addition to preserving their original categories (some of which overlap with ones that were already here).

That leaves just one site to port in before my entire blogging life will live here at

(Of course I have a bunch of other sites too, and I have yet to decide what to do with each of them.)


Ps. I fixed the problem I was having with redirecting old content into the new site. Turns out I wasn’t properly escaping backslash characters in the script that generated my .htaccess file, so mod_rewrite was looking for “d{4}”, meaning “dddd”—instead of “\d{4}”, meaning four digits in a row. So all of the incoming links via should now work—the ones I know about at least.

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CBS News clearly has some work to do. So does CNN but not as much maybe…

I just heard via Jeff Cheney that CBS (TV) is reporting that Saddam Hussein has (possibly) been captured. Amusingly enough, neither nor has anything about this at this very moment, though no doubt they will soon.

On the other hand, already has the story, on its own page, where I can link to it, and where I’m pretty sure that the link will still work a year from now, and maybe even five years from now. Anyone for 10 years? (Long odds, but I give CNN about 50/50.) CNN is doing a very good job in my opinion.

Permanent links are a very important part of Web infrastructure. Whether they link to a page, a paragraph in a page, a weblog post, or a whole site doesn’t matter. Web content should be like books — if I can link to it today, that link should work in the (forseeable) future.

Would you buy a book that dissolved into thin air two years from now, and all citations of the book in other publications suddenly became illegible at the same time? I wouldn’t. That’s why I’m committed to keeping my content up basically forever, or at least for as much of forever as I can reasonably control.

Maybe the web needs some longevity policy guidelines that we can all follow?

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Again this week, I hooked up with the weblog-writers meeting via webcast and IRC. For your reading pleasure, I’ve got the IRC transcript:

IRC Transcript in HTML (44KB)

There was a rumor that the webcast would be archived for future listening, but in case that didn’t work, I’ve got a recording here too. If anyone needs an MP3, just let me know.

Update: Dave posted a link to the Real Audio archive of the meeting.

It’s 40MB — which seems awfully big to me, since my MP3 recording is just under 18MB. I wonder if there’s a difference in quality between the two. I recorded the MP3 in mono at 24kbps, which is more than good enough for speech, and is 50% higher bitrate than the stream I was listening to using Real Player. Scratches head…

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