Long time, no updates

Long time, no updates… So here’s an update…

Life has been somewhat complicated for me recently. I’ll leave that where it is. Those who know me know something of what I speak, but I’ll leave out the various and sundry details. (You’ve been spared.)

Right now, I’m in New Jersey. Unfortunately I missed Dave and Scoble in Manhattan yesterday.

I recently had some long-overdue minor-medical treatment last week in Dallas (where my dad lives). Don’t worry: it was nothing serious.

I’m looking forward to a New York – New Year — something I’ve never done before: It’ll be fun!

And hey — it looks like I’ll be at some sort of weblogger’s get-together type event at O’Flanagan’s Ale House this evening (at 1591 2nd Ave, between 82nd and 83rd in Manhattan.)… I’m sure nobody would mind an extra few people — As far as I can tell, party crashers are welcome.

As for New Year’s resolutions, I have the same one that I had last year: I resolve to live my life as fully as I can this year, because who knows what next year will bring… (Oh, and I should probably quit smoking. 😉