I know from my parents who are both doctors, that things have been getting pretty sketchy in the medical profession here in the US for the last few years, but at least they’re not this bad:

“…Four doctors and two patients, one of whom was paralysed and on an intravenous drip, were bound and handcuffed as American soldiers rampaged through the wards, searching for departed members of the Saddam regime.

“An ambulance driver who tried to carry Private Lynch to the American forces close to the city was shot at by US troops the day before their mission. Far from winning hearts and minds, the US operation has angered and hurt doctors who risked their lives treating both Private Lynch and Iraqi victims of the war. ‘What the Americans say is like the story of Sinbad the Sailor — it’s a myth,’ said Harith al-Houssona, who saved Private Lynch’s life after she was brought to the hospital by Iraqi military intelligence.”