Letter to the Dallas Post Tribune

I sent a letter to the editors of the Dallas Post Tribune this morning, about the pro-Bush spin being flung about on the news shows today:

Subject: Liberal bias in the media? Not likely.

Watching the news this morning on CNN and the big-three networks, I was struck by how much pro-Bush spin there is in the wake of last night’s Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy. This was especially surprising given how much more Presidential John Kerry seemed, at least to my eyes.

For all the talk we hear about liberal bias in the media, all this post-debate pro-Bush spin would seem to prove otherwise.

Maybe it’s simpler than that. Maybe we just love to love the underdog.

Stay tuned for some video snippets over the next few days. I’ve got a bunch of stuff sitting on the TiVo, waiting to be posted. Daily Show, debate coverage on Fox News (oy!), Bill Maher, and more…

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