On the way back to Dallas, I realized…

On the way back to the States — the Amsterdam to Minneapolis leg — I realized that I really don’t like DC-10’s. The main reason: There’s no per-seat air. It was ok for the first two hours in, but by the time we landed, it was as stuffy and hot in here as any of us could stand.

At least on that leg the plane wasn’t 100% full, so there was a little more room than there was on the way to Europe. On the other hand, going East-to-West, we were flying against the prevailing winds, so instead of just over seven hours, I was stuck in a DC-10 for nearly nine by the time we landed in Minneapolis.

Maybe it’s actually worth the $100 more to fly on another airline that has 747’s instead. I haven’t done enough transcontinental traveling yet in this millennium to say.

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