Where is New Orleans?

I was just listening to Meet The Press from last Sunday, and the point was made that New Orleans is nowhere to be found in the White House agenda … already.

So I went to WhiteHouse.gov, just to see if New Orleans is even in the top-10, and it’s not there. Not there at all!

You can go there yourself and do Ctrl-F. Look for ‘orleans’ — nada. How about ‘katrina’ — nada. Well, so much for their commitment to “rebuilding this great city”.

I guess they have more important propaganda to transmit at the moment. After all, most of the computers down there were fried in the flood anyway, so it’s not like they need to see the White House website. (Sarcasm intended, in case you’re one of the sarcasm-challenged.)

(what a bunch of arrogant nincompoops)

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